Installing and setting up

StarsHelper Updater window.

After download, please, unpack 'StarsHelper' folder to any convenient place on your drive. This folder will include StarsHelper software files and settings files. When you will run StarsHelperUpdater.exe you can see a list of available versions for install or updating.

  • 1Path to StarsHelper software folder.
  • — choose version for install or update.
  • Recommended — choose recommended version for install or update.
  • 4Auto launch — launches StarsHelper after 3 seconds if you have installed the last recommended version.
  • 5Open change log — opens the files with description of changes in your default web browser.
  • 6Update to selected — updates software to selected version.
  • 7Current version: — indicator of current version.
  • 8Launch — launches installed version of StarsHelper software.
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StarsHelper registration.
If you haven't purchased the StarsHelper license for whatever reason, and your free trial ended over 6 months ago, then you can re-activate your 30 day free trial!
  • 1Trial period — tab for activating your free, 30 day trial of the software.
  • 2Input field — enter your PokerStars ID in this field to trial period activation. This will connect your license to your PokerStars ID, meaning you can use the software on as many computers as you play on.
  • 3Get trial — enter your PokerStars ID in 2Input field, then push this button to activate trial period.
  • 4Status area — area for connection to server status and server messages.
  • 5Registration — tab for registration by entering StarsHelper license code.
  • 6Status window — current license state status window.
  • 7Input field — license code input field.
  • 8Input field — your PokerStars ID input field.
  • 9Change — enables entering key in 7input field.
  • 10Set — if 8Input field is empty - enter your PokerStars ID in it and press this button.
  • 11For clients — tab for license activation for users who bought the license in store.
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Before you start using:

  • Select English language in the main lobby of the PokerStars: Settings - Global - Language - Play in - English

    Selecting English language in PokerStars.
  • Select all chat messages from dealer at the tables: Settings - Table Appearance - Chat - Dealer Messages - Everything

    Selecting all dealer messages in PokerStars chat.
  • You need to duplicate your preferred seat settings from PokerStars in StarsHelper. If you have different preferred seat settings in PokerStars and StarsHelper the positional HUD will not work properly.

    Setting preferred seat.

The "Preferred Seat" tab shown above will help you link StarsHelper positional HUD to seat by number. When the HUD is inactive it will show seat numbers as displayed in the tab so you will know if it is in the correct position.

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