Profiles exist for easy configuration management of StarsHelper. You can apply any profile to the poker table automatically during the play, either manually or when previously defined game conditions are present. Profiles will use StarsHelper settings for playing different game types such as different cash limits, different tournaments or SNG.

You can apply any profile to any poker table automatically, depending on special conditions:

You can manually switch profiles in ways:

For new tables, if there aren’t previously defined game conditions present, StarsHelper will apply the default profile which is green..

Settings from "Table placing", "Position template", "Hotkeys", "Auto clicks from main tab", are global and can't be changed by changing profile.
"HUD", "Frames" and "Preferred seat" tabs includes a feature for connecting settings between profiles. Example - You want to use a setting from the HUD tab for all of the profiles. As well as cloning the profile with the desired settings, you need to connect the HUD setting using the dropdown menu (in the bottom right area) from all other profiles to the one you need. After that the ‘Connect Settings’ dropdown will be inactive and all of its settings will correspond to the profile you connected.
StarsHelper Auto profile tab.
Priority of work for the filters is from top to bottom in the list. That means if you have two filters with the same options, StarsHelper will work the filter highest in the list.