How to use StarsHelper poker software

Installing and setting up

After download, please, unpack 'StarsHelper' folder to any convenient place on your drive.

StarsHelper Updater window.

This folder will include StarsHelper software files and settings files. When you will run StarsHelperUpdater.exe you can see a list of available versions for install or updating.

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Main tab and basic functions of StarsHelper

On the main tab of the program you can manage the basic functions:

StarsHelper main tab.
  • control of starting and stopping the software algorithms;
  • configuring of auto launch and minimizing;
  • control of Chips to BB feature — converting the value of the stacks, bets and pot to the corresponding values of big blinds in real time in the PokerStars client;
  • control of auto clicks in the PokerStars "Seat Available" dialog window, when you take a waiting list to the cash tables;
  • control of closing different info windows;
  • control of auto click on Time Bank and I'm Back after time out fold;
  • control of auto click on "Sit out next hand" and "Sit out next big blind" depending on your stack size;

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Automatic bet sizing in StarsHelper

With that feature you could create preset bets for different game situation using these filters:

Automatic bet size settings window in StarsHelper.
  • By preflop pot size (by limpers).
  • By game type: tournaments or not;
  • By table size;
  • By number of players who were dealt in the current hand;
  • By blind level;
  • By ante level;
  • By string in window title;
  • By current position: SB, BB, etc;
  • By your stack size and effective stack size.

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StarsHelper real-time HUD

StarsHelper HUD allows you in real-time

Which HUDs are available to playing poker with.
  • See pot odds and necessary outs for call real time during the play.
  • See stack size in ВВ, effective stack, smallest stack, Tourney Adj BB, Number М, SPR, stack size after your bet, effective stack size after opponent(s) will call your bet, chips spent in current hand.
  • Enter bet size in big blinds, and it will automatically convert to value in chips and enter it in PokerStars bet box.
  • See total pot value in big blinds, which is very convenient for using with 'Chips to BB' feature. Also, you can see total pot amount after opponent(s) will call your bet.
  • Compare your bluff size to profitability of this action.
  • See action history and time for decision of all players at the table.
  • See the exact position of your opponent which makes easy to use positional statistic from PokerTracker4 and HoldemManager2.
  • See useful information: blind level, ante, current profile (working on current table) name, number of playing tables.
  • See how much time has passed from the last blind increase.

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Color frames in StarsHelper

This feature allows you to highlight of the poker table with different colors depending on special conditions:

Frame tab in StarsHelper.
  • Blind level;
  • Ante level;
  • Your stack size;
  • Your stack size in big blinds;
  • Effective stack size relative to your stack;
  • Pot size value;
  • Pot size value in big blinds;
  • Table size;
  • Number of players who were dealt in the current hand;
  • Your action;
  • Your current position on the table;
  • Active (foreground) table;
  • Running time bank;
  • Time bank balance
  • Window title;
  • Number of players in the tournament;
  • Your current tournament position.

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Hotkeys in StarsHelper.

StarsHelper allows you to use hotkeys while playing:

StarsHelper Hotkeys tab.
  • To operate 'Chips to BB' in real time for a specific table or all tables;
  • To set, change, increase or decrease the size of the bet;
  • To simulate pressing the left or right click anywhere (on a button);
  • To control the amount of work tables for auto clicks in the "Seat Available";
  • To use any of the filter tabs "Auto bet sizing".
  • To change the profile on the current table;
  • To close the table.

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Position template for real-time HUD and bets

The position template allows you to customize labels and color for positions on all table sizes to showing this in HUD Position.

The position template settings for use with PokerTracker 4.

HUD Position is very comfortable to use with poker tracking software, if you use positional statistic of your opponents. You'll never remember exactly how PokerTracker or HoldemManager counts positions depending on table size or active players in the hand. HUD Position helps with it.

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Managing profile settings in StarsHelper

You can apply any profile to any poker table automatically, depending on special conditions:

StarsHelper Auto profile tab.

Profiles exist for easy configuration management of StarsHelper. You can apply any profile to the poker table automatically during the play, either manually or when previously defined game conditions are present. Profiles will use StarsHelper settings for playing different game types such as different cash limits, different tournaments or SNG.

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