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wrote 15/01/2016 13:12

Hey Guys,

is it possible to support the layout "Flat Design 7" from ? That would be great if it is not to much work

wrote 15/01/2016 13:14

StarsHelper is compatible with all standard poker tables themes and all custom themes that don't completely remove dealer chat. e.g. Some themes do not display dealer chat at the table but also do not purge it completely. These are perfectly compatible with StarsHelper. Please ensure your custom theme does not completely purge dealer chat or you will encounter issues with StarsHelper.

wrote 15/01/2016 13:23
changed 15/01/2016 13:23

Thanks for the quick answer. You mean whether the chat window is available or not?

But in the main tab of StarsHelper I can choose a theme for example. If I choose HyperSimple and in my theme the "Timebank" and "I'm back" buttons do not have the same coordinates it will not click it right? Or do I have to choose "select preset theme" then and add the exact coordinates manually? I tried this already and it didn't work correctly. Same with setting a shortcut "Fold" or "C/C" with left mouse click to a special point

wrote 15/01/2016 13:33

Look at the Auto Clicks section on this page