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wrote 25/12/2015 09:21

First of all: great software!!

But I have still a few issues for my settings to be perfect. I'm running starshelper on Windows 10 64bit, Pokerstars as administrator, Stars Helper

1#: On a PS-Hypersimple 6-max table there's missing the upper right Position HUD on also the History HUD for the same position. What could be the problem there. I made a screenshot but don't know how to upload it.

2#: I set up my Hotkeys and same of them are not working:

A left click on the fold button for Folding with Keyboard down
A left click on the call/check button for calling with keyboard right
press button sit out all tables with ctrl+ right shift
press button i'm back with ctrl+right shift

I'm wondering because "set predefined bet" with keyboard up works totally fine.

Maybe you could help me out here. Thanks in advance!

wrote 26/12/2015 09:17


1. Try to reset positions of all elements. #88

2. Try to configure this hotkeys in the PokerStars client.

wrote 26/12/2015 10:35

After the update to the newest beta version everything works fine, thanks!

wrote 26/12/2015 10:36

You are welcome. Good luck at the tables.