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wrote 15/12/2015 23:43

I have created a bunch of different auto betsizing options based on stack size, pre and post ante etc. however it doesn't seem to be auto applying it when i hit my autobetsizing hotkey.

The correct bet size seems to appear in the pokerstars bet box however when I press my autobetsizing hotkey it reverts to the first tab or whatever of sizings (see screenshot)

Thanks in advance.

wrote 15/12/2015 23:54

Another issue I'm having is that for 80BB+ option nothing at all is coming up in the stars bet box. This is my profile for 80bb+ post ante. Can you see anything wrong with the options or is it a bug?

wrote 16/12/2015 18:31

Your ante filters configured in a wrong way. 2nd, 4th (etc) filters will never work.

Also, keep in mind:
Priority of work for extra lines is from top to bottom in the list. This means if you have two filters with the same options, StarsHelper will select the highest in the list. Game situation that doesn't match to an extra line option will be processed by the main lower line and its formula.

If you need two lines: one for antes and one for playing without antes, you need to create two filters. The upper should consist a numbers in ante filter, and the lower should not.


wrote 17/12/2015 07:09

Thanks, could you please give me an example of what I would input into the ante filter to include all post ante levels?


wrote 17/12/2015 08:09