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wrote 13/11/2015 00:59
changed 13/11/2015 01:00

I m wondering if I can c-bet 50% as default on 3bet pot and 70% on single raised pot.
I see there's an postflop bet, but what about preflop 3-bet pots??? Is this option possible?

There's an option "Postflop 3bet", which I am not sure I can interprest as "3bet pot postflop situation" or "3bet the opponent's raise of my c-bet"??


wrote 13/11/2015 01:03

Preflop 3-bet pots?! What are you talking about?

Postflop 3bet is the third bet on any postflop street:
1. Bet
2. Raise
3. 3-Bet

wrote 13/11/2015 01:17
changed 13/11/2015 01:18

I mean by 'preflop 3bet pot' such as utg open 3x, i 3bet to 9x, utg calls.

Is it possible to have different automatic cbet sizings for this type of situation?? compared to when utg open 3x and i just call preflop.

wrote 13/11/2015 01:18

This is prohibited by the new PokerStars policy.