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wrote 01/11/2015 14:13


I plan to buy this software but I can't see what kind of license is this. If I buy it for 35$, the license is for life or just monthly, early or how?!

Thank you!

wrote 01/11/2015 15:11


"Lifetime StarsHelper license is connected to your PokerStars User ID, not your computer, meaning our software can be used on as many computers as you like.
After activation your PokerStars user ID on your license key can't be changed to another one, even if your PokerStars account is banned.
You don't need to purchase additional license for using StarsHelper with other PokerStars regions simultaneously."

wrote 03/02/2018 17:37
changed 03/02/2018 17:41

I just brough the license, how I can connect it to my stars id ?? I had a trial with an old account and i like it so I was going to use the full license for another account. Did i just brought a licence and I can't use it ?

wrote 03/02/2018 17:42

Found the Solution, all good !!