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wrote 23/10/2015 13:28

When my screen display 1920*1080
I need nuber of tables:12
I need nuber of tables:12
I need nuber of tables:12
Now the max number is only 6!

wrote 23/10/2015 13:30

There is no way to tile 12 tables on your screen size.

wrote 07/11/2015 10:37

I've seen your reply before.
Now I still want to ask you again.
The earlier version of starshelper is able to tile 12 tables on my screen size.
Can you change it back?
Thank you.

wrote 07/11/2015 10:38

You are wrong. This is impossible.

wrote 13/01/2016 07:56
changed 13/01/2016 07:58

let me ask something here, and not to start another topic:
1. is it possible to arrange 18 table in a 3X3 grid with 2 "layer" ?
so i will see only 9 table at a time, but playin on 18 tables....

2. if i remove the table title, how do i move the table itself, if i want to put Finale Table to another monitor forexample?

wrote 13/01/2016 09:03

1. It's not possible for now.
2. Using HUD Title

wrote 07/02/2016 18:53

Hi! When "Tile table placing" is enabled StarsHelper places tables on the left side of the monitor (lets say for example if I play 4 tables). Is there any chance to make an option to place tables on the right side of the monitor or in the center? Thanks.

wrote 08/02/2016 10:33

It is impossible for now. We will added this option later.

wrote 29/01/2018 11:54

"There is no way to tile 12 tables on your screen size." - That was your answer in 2015 to the question about monitors 1920x1080. Newer versions still do not accept 12 tiled screens for full HD 1920x1080 monitors?

wrote 29/01/2018 13:49

drpoita, try to do it manually by yourself and you'll see why it is impossible.

wrote 30/01/2018 02:24
I'm asking because I want to change my monitor so I can play more screens in a good size. I have an ultrawide monitor (LG LED 25 'Class 21: 9 UltraWide) and I am thinking of buying a 32 "Samsung LC32F391FDLXZD Full HD (1920x1080) curved LED monitor.
On my current monitor I play 8 screens (4x2). When I open 12 or 15 screens, the screens are very small. Will I be able to play 12 screens (4x3) on my new 32 "monitor with a larger size than I currently play in my ultrawide (2560x1080) 25".
Can you help me?
( )

wrote 30/01/2018 12:23

You need to ask PokerStars support about the minimal table size and then calculate how much tables fit to the desired monitor.

wrote 30/01/2018 15:41

Hi !

Can you ask pokerstars if then plan to upgrade his software for support or better support multimonitor and new resolutions (other than 1920x1080 / 1920x1200) also ? 24" inch is dead, now we are in 32" and more :)

wrote 30/01/2018 16:00

Mnh hi.

What do you mean? PokerStars supports any monitors, as I know.

wrote 31/01/2018 22:19
changed 31/01/2018 22:20

It was a matter of prevention, because I don't know many rooms that have quality support on the graphic display part in their options ...: X