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wrote 22/10/2015 11:31

If your program should help (starshelper, program for helping with tableselection, game etc), then it can/should have function: auto sitout after open table -on/off. For a lot of people its huge help imo.
next suggestions:
-more autoshift supported table (max 4 tables work, really?)
-bug: I have set for example 5 working tables (next dialog for open next table should be "click no") but sometimes it open next table, while I have set max 5 table. (because it offers two dialogs very quickly and both dialog were clicked yes...)
-people which want write notes about villians (probably a lot of people which use this program) and use history HUD, then maybe be good function: right click on history HUD and then copy his line. (very often you write same thing/line which are writed in hud history yet) (I want do note: c3b-xc-xr-xf - so I can write manually or copy history hud quickly)

wrote 22/10/2015 15:00

- please, tile more than 4 tables on your screen and provide us with a screenshot
- you need to provide us with a log when something does not work correctly for you
- this is already in the plan and will be created in some future.

wrote 22/10/2015 18:36

ad1: what, why not,even 24 can?

"this is already in the plan and will be created in some future." - you mean that to "copy hud history" or "auto sitout after open table" or both?
okey I am goint to send log.

wrote 22/10/2015 18:46

There are not tiled. The tables are overlapped by each other. Please, provide us with a screenshot with 4+ TILED tables.

wrote 22/10/2015 18:57

it doesnt matter if are overlapped or no, its are tiled but overlapped I ask for AUTOSHIFTING MORE TABLES then 4,
I have small monitor,(but it doesnt mean it could be autoshifted)
there you have screen:

wrote 22/10/2015 19:24
changed 22/10/2015 19:24

StarsHelper automatically counts the number of tables, which can be tiled on the screen size and auto shifting they if need it.
Your screen size is too small for tiling more than 4 tables.

wrote 22/10/2015 19:31

okey then my request is: change starshelper to autoshift window/tables with are "even" overlapped