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wrote 10/19/2015 6:16 PM

Hi, im applying my "AutoBetSizing" in my hotkeys, but since yesterday, my formula in "PreFlop OpenRaise" is red. How can i fix it? It is : 3bb+1bb*nc.
I think the problem is with "nc". I cant bet different if someone did limp? How can i do something similar?

See you!

wrote 10/20/2015 2:44 AM

Because you have an older SH version client and you need to upgrade to the latest to be ok with the new pokerstars ToS

wrote 10/20/2015 9:23 AM

Very usefull PreFlop OpenRaise formula is 3bb+(dpot-1.5bb-antes)
Another formulas you can create by yourself, using operators and variables.