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wrote 02/10/2015 23:28

Where is the formula of number of callers?
Like 3bet= r*3+NC.
Where is the NC now?

wrote 02/10/2015 23:36


Under the new PokerStars policy towards the use of third party tools:
-Options "Current active players" and "Pot odds value" was removed from Frames.
-The option "If opponent's stack is less than your" was removed from HUD Stack.
-Filters by number of callers and pot type has been removed from AutoBetSizing;
-Operator 'nc' has been removed from formulas;
-Individual color settings for all of action labels has been removed from HUD History;
-Color ranges settings has been changed in HUD Stack;
-HUD Preflop Agression FL has been removed.