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wrote 16/09/2015 23:50

"sometimes" the number of players is not correct, and this causes problems with autobetsizes

the number in the top yellow circle (10) rappresents "active players at the table ", obv I'm at a 6max table

I've notice this problem since I have installed Table Optimizer (I'm only using layouts function). I've tried to run SH without TO but the problem persists

If more details are needed, please ask

wrote 17/09/2015 00:01

Please, provide us the log.

How to create a log of the table if you have found a bug?
Enable Debug mode in the main tab;
Create and enable any HUD if you haven't had it yet;
Play poker till a bug appears;
Right click on any HUD - Open table log;
CTRL + A - select all;
CTRL + C - copy;
CTRL + V - Paste to a new text document or a new letter and send it to

wrote 17/09/2015 23:14

I've waited to replay just because I was trying to reproduce the problem with the log enabled, unfortunately (or maybe not : ) ) the problem seems to be disappeared.

I will update the thred if necessary.

thanks for your help