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wrote 7/14/2015 8:31 AM

I have completely moved over from TableNinja to StarsHelper apart from 2 features. On Tableninja, you can click a check box "On a tourney break", and it will sit you out next hand at all your tables AND on any new tables that load.

Stars Helper doesn't have this function, and if you use the PokerStars sit out button, it doesn't sit you out on new tables that fire during sync breaks. So whilst you are away from the computer, all your timebanks get eaten on these tables because I have "Never sit out" set. And clicking this on/off every hour is just not practical.

If you could implement something that replicates what TableNinja does that would be awesome.

The second feature is that there is a HUD display on Tableninja that shows how long has elapsed since it became your turn to act. If you could please add this option to the HUD that would be great too.

wrote 7/16/2015 3:34 PM

Added to plan. We will create it in some future.

wrote 7/22/2015 9:01 AM

Tyvm for adding time taken to act!

It's not a huge deal, but is there any way you could make it so the prefix/suffix text is hidden until it is your turn to act? I'm using "secs" as my suffix and it would be nice if it went away when I'm not acting.

wrote 7/22/2015 1:31 PM

It will be fixed in the next update of StarsHelper.

wrote 7/22/2015 9:38 PM

Sweet, ty.