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wrote 22/04/2015 19:08

The autoclick timebank feature in StarsHelper often doesn't work preflop when I haven't put any money in the pot (i.e. when PokerStars doesn't do it automatically). I have enabled the option to autoclick timebank in StarsHelper and have checked to make sure the co-ordinates are correct, etc.

I use the latest UK version of Pokerstars 7 with the Mercury theme (no mods) and I stack my tables.

Any idea how to fix this?


wrote 22/04/2015 21:26

We need a log in this case.

How to create a log of the table if you have found a bug?
Enable Debug mode in the main tab;
Create and enable any HUD if you haven't had it yet;
Play poker till a bug appears;
Right click on any HUD - Open table log;
CTRL + A - select all;
CTRL + C - copy;
CTRL + V - Paste to a new text document or a new letter and send it to