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wrote 30/03/2015 01:09

Somehow starshelper got removed and had to download again and now everytime a player bust the stack BB hud goes to Stk# after the player busts and stays this the entire game, how to remove this ? Before i didnt have this problem.

Also when someone for example goes all in, his BB shows 0 (but i would like to know exactly how many BB's he pushed all in, because now it shows 0 when he pushes, not very useful then) Before he pushes it shows all correctly the BB amount.

Thx in advance

wrote 30/03/2015 05:07

This also causes The BB amount shown without counting the BB, for example here you can see it shows his BB is 1, but he actually has 2BB stack (t20, he has 40chips)
This is really anoying problem when seeing someone in BB for example BB amount shows 4BB, but in reality he has 5BB stack...
I dont understand why I didnt have this bug/problem first time I installed starshelper. I downloaded it again and problems started... I tried new version, old version and beta version and all same problem

Then here is an example of the Stk# showing after someone is busted

How to get rid of this stk# after someone bust, i never had this before this problem


wrote 30/03/2015 05:22
as you can see when someone put all chips in BB stack instantly shows 0... before it never did this, how to change back to normal where it keeps showing the BB amount


wrote 30/03/2015 05:38

Also i tried deleting all files of starshelper and make clean install again, now i don't get a trial code anymore and temp banned...
Would appreciate if i can use it again asap

stars id; Lacr1mosa

wrote 30/03/2015 09:04
changed 30/03/2015 09:22

I got 1 thing semi fixed, i got rid of the stk# after someone bust by changing the oppacity of inactive view to 0
But i got other problem that when new tables get in the background of my stack the BB amount of the 2nd table blurrs the active table BB amounts...
Other problem im having is that the BB amount showing isnt correct for sb and bb and anoying when someone shoves all in it immediately shows 0BB
You know how to fix this ?


wrote 30/03/2015 10:10

HUD Stack shows how many chips left in stack. If someone goes all-in there is no chips left in his stack.
If you want to see all of stack size - use "52" from this page

wrote 30/03/2015 10:28

ye that was what im looking for, thx

wrote 30/03/2015 10:30

You are welcome. Good luck at the tables!