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wrote 26/03/2015 11:01

I just re-installed pokerstars because I was having issues. I started playing and now I don't have an option for a timebank - I hear the table alert to tell me that it's my play and then I'm folded instantly! I have about 5 seconds to act before being folded. This is only happening when starshelper is on. I have tried updating to the latest version. This is not an "auto-click timebank" problem, this is a general gameplay problem where I have about 5 seconds to make my play before being folded - I don't get a chance to even see the "Time Bank" button that usually appears.

Any ideas?

wrote 26/03/2015 12:32

Anybody? I can't grind without starshelper :(

wrote 26/03/2015 12:34
changed 26/03/2015 12:36

Please disable "F" checkbox from this page

wrote 26/03/2015 12:40

Ahh that worked! I've been having some problems lately with pokerstars and I didn't realise it would be that simple.

Thank you!

wrote 13/04/2015 10:00

Any update about this? It's still not working.

wrote 13/04/2015 10:23

What is not working?