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wrote 01/03/2015 20:36

Hello Im playing 6handed PLO cash games and I used 0.08*estack in PreFlop 3Bet so for example if 100bb stack opens UTG and I have 100bb stack, then effective stack is 100bb and my 3bet will be to 8bb, that works great

also if I have 100bb and my opponent who opens UTG has 150bb it will still 3Bet to 8bb and effective stack is multiplied correctly

problem and issue begins when I have 150bb and UTG who opens has 100bb now software is thinking that effective stack is 150bb which is not true because effective stack is the one that is smallest so it should use 0.08 * 100bb (because villain has smallest stack of 100bb) unfortunatelly software does 0,08 * 150bb(my stack) I would like it to do 0,08*smallest stack between active players, is it possible or this feature is not at all available?

wrote 01/03/2015 20:46
changed 01/03/2015 20:48

Please, provide us with a screenshot of the poker table next time then you think you find a bug.

Estack variable work the next way:
Effective stack for 2 players = the smallest stack
Effective stack for 3+ players = the largest stack among your opponents stacks, but not greater than your stack