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wrote 19/02/2015 15:29

got a trial key but every time i close helper and try to find it on my programms menu it doesn t exist so i reunzip it and run the helper exe so it asks me the key wich i ask . As a result the 5th or 6th time i tryied to do it it seems i got banned and a message appears wicn says plz wait you r banned or somethink like that .What should i do.
Thanks in advance and i think helper is a great programm and very usefull ,by the way!!

wrote 19/02/2015 15:30

5:28:19 μμ: Temp banned, please wait.
That s the message that appears when i ask for the trial (did it many times)

wrote 19/02/2015 17:42

Please, send your PokerStars user ID to

wrote 19/02/2015 21:46


wrote 21/02/2015 09:39

everything fine and cool now except from some error msges (critical error)appearing on the screen, but doesn t affect anything i guess, as long as i play so thanks alot guys