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wrote 08/02/2015 18:43

1. Chip invested in current street.
2. Total pot after last street (without current street bets).

Least important...
3. To call.

wrote 09/02/2015 14:18

1. Chips invested in the current hand (HUD Stack).
2. Nope
3. Don't understand

wrote 22/02/2015 12:14

Actually all of them already exist, but problem is that i like to change font, colour scheme, value position on table etc. for my liking. Currently these valuse are already converted to bb-s on table.

Like there is total pot included current street bets above of cards (flop, turn and river), but total pot without current street bets below of cards. At least in mercury theme at pokerstars. Second option is not available to customize under HUD.