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wrote 11/12/2014 13:43


I like your program, I don't have any complaints with how it works. I just thought you might not be aware of an annoying issue I have with it. It's not a big deal by any means, I just thought you might not know so I should inform you so that you can improve it if you want to.

It seems with Windows you cannot pin anything to the taskbar with the word 'helper' in it. I attempted to change the name of the application but it did not work, I was told this is because it has the word 'helper' in the description. It would be nice to pin it with my other programs but I can not.


wrote 11/12/2014 14:05

Thanks for your message.
Please, create the shortcut to StarsHelper.exe with any name without word "helper", then run the software by clicking this shortcut and then pin it.