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wrote 16/11/2014 16:22

hey guys,

you did a great job on this piece of software and since trying it i really want to get away from Table Ninja 1.

However there are things that i really enjoy about TN1 that (to my knowledge) can't be done with your software.

1) TN recognizes joypad buttons and can set more hotkeys. i love masstabling with joypad, i can't work with the mouse anymore for long periods of time. and you can set virtually any action to a hotkey (like fold, call, raise, etc..). yeah i know we could do that in stars itself, but stars doesn't let you set joypad hotkeys :(

2) SNG opener - that is extremely important to me

3) stack tables hotkey - really need that because all the tables pop up on different locations on the screen. yeah we can set it in stars but whenever i move a table then we need to set it again

maybe starshelper can do some of the things i am missing and i just haven't found out about it

i tried running TN1 and stars helper at the same time, but starshelper gives me an error message when i do that - Error close (RDialog)

would be great if you guys implemented this into your software. i would be happy to pay extra for that

wrote 16/11/2014 17:49


1. Planned in some future.
2. Planned in some future.
3. Maybe will be created with table placing options in StarsHelper in some future.
4. This error doesn't interfere with StarsHelper work, but if you don't like it, please, disable "C", "D", "E" options