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wrote 10/11/2014 17:15


Would it be possible to add more options to the Timer HUD for future release?

- Custom time, so only show minutes when we don't want the hours. Blind levels don't normally last hours so we don't usually need hours shown!
- Countdown backwards, from chosen time the blinds go up. So it would show say if blinds are 5 mins, a countdown from 5 mins backwards to zero.

Is is also possible to have a HUD for description of game? For example can Starshelper detect the type of game/buy in size and then display that in the HUD?


wrote 10/11/2014 17:41

HUD Info shows current blind and ante level.
PokerStars Mercury theme shows how many time left to the next blind level.
The other options you requested are useless. We will not create it.