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wrote 21/10/2014 17:38

If you add these two features then I can dispose of TableNinja 2 :)

TN2 has a "Show number of seconds since we needed to act" for their on screen HUD which I find really useful.

Also, you can set up a hotkey on TN2 to go on a tourney break and it will sit you out on all your tables and disable things like timebank activation with just 1 click; so you don't use up timebanks etc when tournaments start whilst you're not quite back from your sync break.

wrote 21/10/2014 19:13

1. PokerStars client has options to show almost this. So it will be useless to create what you requested.
2. You can use PokerStars "green play button" to sit out for all of tables and StarsHelper will not bring you back.

wrote 22/10/2014 15:50

1. Well I use hypersimple and there is approximately no indication of how long you have taken. Tableninja counts up in seconds and it is not "useless" it is very useful to know exactly how long you've taken. Given that this timing info is displayed in "Line Taken" would it be that hard to develop? It would be nice if you'd at least consider it.

2. Ok that's fine