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wrote 19/09/2014 08:57

Hi, Pokerstars have just announced that as of the 1st October all poker players in the UK have to start playing on instead of

They are going to remove the 'auto-rebuy' feature from the software. Can you please add auto-rebuy to Stars Helper? I know there will be many, many thankful players from the UK that will also want this! Thanks


wrote 19/09/2014 10:55


I really hope you roll this out soon StarsHelper, I'm currently playing 20-24 tables at a time so that will be rendered improbable/ impossible by the new changes without this feature,

wrote 19/09/2014 21:44

Sorry. We do not plan to realise it because of low demand.

wrote 20/09/2014 08:52

Hi, yes up until a couple of days ago the demand would be almost none but on the 1st October every single poker player in the United Kingdom will need this auto-rebuy so the demand will be massive!

wrote 20/09/2014 08:59

Hello, GlanzaMike. How many players are from UK?

wrote 20/09/2014 09:52

Many, many players in the UK :)

wrote 20/09/2014 10:30

Hi, yeh this is going to be in extremely high demand very, very soon. Any consideration of the new feature would be massively appreciated

wrote 20/09/2014 10:46

If you gonna implement this, you can expect loads of new customers from UK ;)

wrote 20/09/2014 11:02
changed 20/09/2014 11:05

We will try to realise it before 1-st of October, but we don't promise.

wrote 20/09/2014 11:06


I've been testing StarsHelper recently, not sure there's enough functionality that I need to warrant a purchase right now but if auto-rebuy/topup is implemented I will definitely purchase. Also in the UK obv...

wrote 20/09/2014 12:05

+1 For this!

The auto-rebuy feature is a must have. Having to do this manually is a concentration breaker and extra clicks we dont need. It will lead to playing less tables and making more mistakes.

wrote 20/09/2014 12:23

As you can see there will be many, many players reall, really wanting this and these are only the guys that have seen this post. There will be hundreds more most likely that will certainly need to use auto-rebuy very shortly!

Thanks for your help

wrote 20/09/2014 12:36


wrote 20/09/2014 12:40
changed 21/09/2014 09:34

Ok. Ok.
I will try to make this function next weekend.
But, no guarantees.

wrote 22/09/2014 09:13

yeah this would be Very Cool!!!!! UK player need this ASAP. would buy if could be done!!

wrote 22/09/2014 14:40

I asked Stars about this and had a reply, it seems that if implemented then it will break the new ToS for the new UK client:


Thank you for writing to us regarding your concerns.

Any attempt to bypass these new restrictions will indeed be a breach of the Terms of Service so we urge you to please refrain from doing this.

Although we appreciate that this new restriction will mean a big change for players such as yourself, we are currently not trying to obtain any form of exemption from the auto-rebuy rule as it has been implemented as a requirement for all licensed companies in the UK.

We thank you for your understanding and for bearing with us during this time of change. We hope you choose to keep PokerStars as your home for many years to come and are always available if you have further questions.


PokerStars Support Team

wrote 23/09/2014 12:34

^Just had another reply from PokerStars support, there was some confusion.


I wish to clarify a misinterpretation with the previous response you received. The CSR perceived you as asking two separate questions, one pertaining to the auto-rebuy feature removal and one regarding bypassing the actual UK regulations (such as using a VPN etc).

Our apologies the confusion caused on this one. It was a genuine mistake. As for your query regarding the use of scripts to continue topping up your balance at the tables (and/or in tourneys), we are querying this at the highest level of management currently, to be 100% certain that the information we are providing is accurate. I hope you can appreciate it might take us a day or two to provide that information, and we appreciate your own patience in the mean time.

I see that you also posted this on the forums thus if you could post this message also it would be appreciated; to avoid any misinformation to the UK player community.


PokerStars Support Manager

wrote 24/09/2014 16:02

Has been confirmed by PokerStars this is allowed :)

wrote 25/09/2014 17:48

Just to be clear by the way, we need auto-rebuy and also auto-top up. Thanks :)

wrote 26/09/2014 23:02

Hi I will need an auto rebuy feature for stars as im in the uk also

wrote 27/09/2014 06:48

GlanzaMike, what does "auto-top up" exactly mean?

wrote 29/09/2014 10:08


It actually seems Pokerstars software run it under the same title as Auto-Rebuy, so maybe i am wrong but...

as i understood it,
Auto top-up is when you play a hand and lose like 5bb's we need to be topped straight back up to 100bb.

Auto-Rebuy is when we get stacked and lose all our money we want to automatically rebuy back into the game for 100bb.

But yeah, you may have already covered all of that under the auto-rebuy feature? :)


wrote 30/09/2014 20:39

Unfortunatelly, we need more time to create this feature.

wrote 02/10/2014 08:53

That's okay, the laws in the UK have been pushed back until November 1st so you have another 4 weeks :)

wrote 04/10/2014 16:55

I just thought i'd let you know that the UK law has been changed and we will no longer need this feature it seems. Thank you

wrote 04/10/2014 17:01

It's good )))