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wrote 11/06/2014 19:04
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From my understanding your program StarsHelper can be used with modded themes and activates timebank properly because it reads history of chat, unlike table ninja whitch goes for the button coordinates.
My question is, will Stars Helper work with a modded theme that has moved the timebank, modded theme that is based on no image original theme ?


wrote 11/06/2014 19:13

I'm talking about SH working with the modded theme with the latest Stars client update, I'm using PokerStars.EU client PokerStars 6 build 8137, server version 1027, protocol version 1.75.

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Hello, MistC

In order to use this feature with modded themes you need to manually input X and Y coordinates of the time bank button.

To know X and Y coordinates of the time bank button, please:
- Create new hotkey
- Select "Left click on selected point"
- Press "Change point" button
- Right click on the time bank button at the PokerStars table
- Take X and Y coordinates from hotkey section and input it to the X and Y coordinates in the Auto click "Time bank" section on the Main tab
- Delete created hotkey "Left click on selected point" as unused
- Enjoy

wrote 11/06/2014 19:57

Thank you for your fast answer.
My problem is that I don't know much about SH and just heared about it that it might work with the modded theme I'm talking about.
Can you please post a list/link with all functions that work right now with the latest Stars client ?

My main problem is that Stars client forced me to update and the moded theme I used is one by BarNuthin which is having some health problems and it doesn't look like he will be updating the theme I was using.

SO NOW I gotta buy a new theme and make a new investment in that modded theme AND in your program also but I can't dl trial of SH without you being absolutely sure the modded theme timebank and all other hotkeys functions work properly with that modded theme, like auto take seat, limit number of tables to x amount if that's available.etc.

The theme in question is Lucky Grinder ( - Pls delete this link after reading if you must, I don't want you to think I'm advertising but I just need to be sure SH will work with Lucky Grinder so I can invest and get return on my investment .


wrote 11/06/2014 20:14

MistC, actually, you can pass all updates of the PokerStars. Just click on cancel button when PokerStars ask you to update, then go to PokerStars folder (it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars" usually) and run PokerStars by click on PokerStars.exe.

Also, if you've already updated it you can roll back to previous version of the PokerStars. To do that follow these steps:
Go to PokerStars folder (it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars" usually)
Go to "Backup" folder inside PokerStars folder
Select files (CTRL+A)
Copy all files (CTRL+С)
Go back to PokerStars folder (it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars" usually)
Paste all files (CTRL+V)
Run PokerStars.exe

StarsHelper works properly with any theme which doesn't disable dealers' chat. You need to test compatibility by yourself or ask question about dealers' chat to the developer of that theme.

Btw, you can look at the themes in the store. Some of them doesn't have dealers' chat at the table but all of them have 100% compatibility with StarsHelper.

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I only use PokerStars.exe instead of direct update every time a little updated pops but this time Stars forced me to update WHILE I was playing, from a really old client version which I was using because BarNuthin hadn't updated the theme in a long time and I didn't want to risk losing the modded theme, so I can't roll back now because I don't have the previous update closer to the one I have now, I never updated like this forced by stars until now so you can imagine LOL.
I have already checked themes in the and none offer compact space like Lucky Grinder, what exactly do I need to ask the developer of that theme about dealers' chat , besides dealers' chat not being disabled anything else can prevent SH to not work properly concerning timebank ?

Can you please post a list/link with all functions that work right now with the latest Stars client ? Like I said, I'm new to SH and I only know it's similar to TN in some aspects.


wrote 11/06/2014 20:33

I see. It's really funny.

If you see dealers' chat at the table - everything is ok and StarsHelper will work properly.

Almost all functions of StarsHelper listed at the home page -
All of these functions works with the latest PokerStars client.

Also, you can experience the full functionality of StarsHelper in a free 30 day trial.

wrote 11/06/2014 20:47

I was asking for the last part on where it says "The most advanced bet sizing feature available anywhere; and "A massive selection of hot keys" but I will try 30 days trial just to be sure everything works before I buy.
All I need is to be sure SH works with LG mod theme or otherwise it's a bad way for me to invest in the mod and in your program since I won't be able to use it properly, I hope you understand.

If you look at the pictures from the link, dealers chat at the table is present in all the chat boxes in the first pics, it only changes position of chat box when it's HU, 6 max and 9 max players but that is not a problem for SH right ?
In another thread I saw you saying SH works well with chat detachable also.

wrote 11/06/2014 21:04

Yes, that is not a problem for SH. Detached chat is not a problem also.

wrote 11/06/2014 21:09
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Okay, I'm gonna buy LG and hopefully I will also become a SH buyer.
Thank you for your fast answers.

wrote 11/06/2014 21:15

You are welcome, MistC!
Good luck at the tables!

wrote 15/06/2014 19:24
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Is there a way to make the table blink/highlight when timebank has started the countdown and I have x seconds until I fold/sit out ?

What is Calculate only logged tables mean ?
If I have working number of tables to 12 why does SH keep opening some tables after that and why is it that if 2 seats are open doesn't SH autotake one seat and waits for me to choose ? This way I loose tables.

wrote 15/06/2014 20:27

There is no option to highlighting time bank tables now.

"Calculate only logged tables" - only counts the tables at which you are sitting. The tables that have "Logged" text in the window title.

StarsHelper can't open tables by itself. Starshelper just click on the "Seat Available" dialog depending on your your settings. Also, StarsHelpet can't take you to a seat. So you loose the tables because of other software or manually seating.

wrote 15/06/2014 21:19

Is it hard to make the table blinking when contdown stars for time as an option in the near future ?

Does it matter that chat from all tables is combined and on the 2nd monitor when it comes to SH clicking the timebank ?

wrote 15/06/2014 21:27

Color frame for tables with running timebank will be in the next update.

Chat position doesn't matter. The one rule for clicking timebank is - the table should be visible (not overlapped by other tables).

wrote 15/06/2014 22:08
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Does it matter if chat is covered by hud or by Table Scanner turbo or by PS client ? I ask this because sometimes I have tables sit out and timebank not activated without having tables overlapped by other tables.

When wil the next update be released ?

wrote 15/06/2014 22:19

It doesn't matter.

In the very near future.

wrote 17/06/2014 03:26
changed 17/06/2014 04:06

What about blink table when action is on hero ?
EDIT: I know how to make the frame, I'm asking about blinking, not highlighting.

wrote 17/06/2014 21:07

Unfortunatelly, blinking of frames is not something that is in priority for now.
This option is useless.

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"Color frame for tables with running timebank will be in the next update."
"When wil the next update be released ?"
"In the very near future."

Is this possible now and I somehow missed the update ?

So I see here it's on number 26
I'm running StarsHelper and running time bank doesn't show and I thought SH will give me update notifications when I must update.

wrote 10/10/2014 10:30

Please, provide us with a screenshot of your frames tab.

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wrote 10/10/2014 11:46

Please, run StarsHelperUpdater.exe and update to the latest recommended version.

wrote 10/10/2014 11:49

I don't lose my profiles with all the settings right ?

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wrote 10/10/2014 11:50

Sure, you will not.

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I made the update but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's just not working on my moded theme.
If I put =0 than timebank colur frame shows up on all tables that my action isn't on, if I put =1 than when timebank activates and runs down from 30 sec to zero the frame colour I selected for timebank doesn't show, it's still same colour frame of my action :( as in nothing changes from before update.
Does it matter than I modified timebank colour ? No modifications were made to timebank position!

wrote 10/10/2014 19:45
changed 10/10/2014 20:04

I modified a little bit timebank coordonates XY and stil nothing.

Just thought of modifying current my action frames, set <0 on it and now timebank frame shows up.
Is timebank frame in conflict to current my action frame ??
It should work like one shows up and than the other one shows up. I can't have both frames working complementary ?

wrote 10/10/2014 20:54

MistC, priority of work for the frames is from top to bottom in the list. That means if you have two frames with the same suitable conditions options, StarsHelper will work the frame highest in the list.

wrote 10/10/2014 21:22

Aha so that's why there's up and down:)
Thank you for your fast responses Pavel.

wrote 10/10/2014 21:24

You are welcome, MistC :)