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wrote 09/06/2014 17:40

Im starting to use the program and i need help for a few things.
1- How can i make the position HUD small like you have in the print?

2- I was trying to create a frame for tables that are inactive like the one in the print above, to know when a table is dead, but i cant. I tried with "active players at the table =1", "active players at the table =0", "current active players =0", "current active players <2", using max count players... but no frame show up in that table.

3- TH works as well with detached table chat? Im testing the program with 1-2 tables and looks like there is no problem until now.

wrote 09/06/2014 21:32

Hello, lunitis

1. Left click + SHIFT + Drag any HUD element

2. Unfortunately, it's not possible to highlight a dead table by a frame.

3. If you are talking about work of StarsHelper with detached chat - yes, it works.