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wrote 26/05/2014 10:25

I'd like to be able to allocate hotkeys for:

1. Call
2. Bet\Raise
3. Fold

I know that Stars support it via the client but it's better to have a single software that provides with all features.

For example, when I try to type in notes, many times I can't get the "space" keyboard working because "Space" = Call in PS.

If SH would support it, it would disregard the hotkey when I'm not above the poker tables.

wrote 26/05/2014 10:43

StarsHelper hotkeys work the same way. You need to turn hotkeys off while typing notes.
We will not create hotkeys you asked.

wrote 26/05/2014 13:19

Than...what do you think about make it smarter?
SH should be the only application we use in order to automate actions.

Now I have to click toggle hotkeys off on both SH and PS, instead of just moving the mouse off the table and the hotkeys are set to off automatically.

wrote 26/05/2014 15:36

shloogy, If you really want to use it you can create hotkeys "Left click on selected point" the same way as I told you before.

Create hotkey "Left click on selected point", press on "Change point" button, by right clicking select your "Sit out next bb" check box at poker table. Done.
StarsHelper algorithms should be working to create it (Main tab - "Start" button).