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wrote 10/05/2014 22:19


How can i do to set the for exemple the number one make the action fold call or raise?

wrote 10/05/2014 22:28

You can use PokerStars hotkeys.

wrote 12/05/2014 15:21

Ok, thanks.

wrote 23/09/2015 12:33

Can you put in future those butons for the keyboard? playing two pokerstars sites I can not use the hotkeys of pokerstars at the same time, there is a problem and it doesn´t work so I have to use TN2 for playing and at the same time with hotkeys and it really sucks, using two starshelpers with all the hotkeys I need I would play really happy

wrote 23/09/2015 14:02

You don't need use TN2 for it. Also, you don't need StarsHelper for it.
The one thing you need is to run both PokerStars as Administrator.

wrote 24/09/2015 02:10

Hello, I tried just in case but it´s still not working, what happen is that I can not fold a hand in or with hotkeys if I am playing another hand in the other pokerstars site, I dont have any popup table option or steal focus activated. I would solve this with starshelper and those butons I am missing, pokerstars is not the solution :(

wrote 24/09/2015 02:12

I can not "fold call or check" any hand meanwhile I am playing a hand in the other pokerstars site, I mean all hotkeys dont work in that situation, I would need all the butons in starshelper xD

wrote 24/09/2015 02:17
changed 24/09/2015 05:43

We've tried a couple of variants. Sent hotkeys to an active table or a table under mouse works as well. There is only one active table in the moment can be on Windows OS. Your hotkeys will work for it in you have selected "sent to active table". Otherwise, your hotkeys will work for table under mouse. What is the priblem with other sites? Hotkeys will not work if you have another site's active table or table under mouse.