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wrote 11/04/2014 14:56


I would like to use 2 hotkeys and having problem to setup it:
- my mouse right click to "fold"
- one of my mouse other buttons to "allin + click" (not just type the allin betsize but click and go allin too)

I don't know how can I setup it, please help me.

Also, I suggest some coloring options for future:
- Colorable stacksizes (the money to BB, and/or the User: TurneyAdjBB or Number M would be colorable depending on the sizes).
- The User: Position would use the Position Template color even when I use ONLY the "enable for me" option, maybe it's a bug but don't change colors in different positions.


wrote 11/04/2014 15:39

You can setup all-in push via PokerStars hotkeys feature (Options - Hotkeys Settings).
You can assign right mouse click to the fold button via setup "Right-click on the selected point" in StarsHelper "Hotkeys" tab. You should know that is not a good idea to assigning hotkeys to the right mouse button.