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wrote 22/03/2014 11:06
changed 22/03/2014 11:11

First of all let me tell you, this software is amazing and I really appreciate your work.

Currently, it's missing only one thing for me to buy it, which is turning Rake amount in BB (the one you can see at the top right of the table, next to options).

This would make much easier to calculate how many BB I have to bet every time.
So either make it so that we can always see the rake (in BB), or make an option to include it in the total pot / pot amount, always in BB of course.

Another thing kind of bugs me: how can I make it so that the table to which the hotkeys or numpad for BetBox are sent is automatically the one that PokerStars chooses for the same purpose?
I'm asking 'cos I want to completely get rid of the bet slider of pokerstars, since yours is so much better.

Finally, a minor thing, if the support for the replayer would be active, as in when I switch from hand to hand inside of the replayer with the appropriate buttons, I'd like StarsHelper to follow me :)

Thank you! ~

wrote 27/03/2014 07:19

Nobody else?

wrote 27/03/2014 11:44

BetBox - already planned.
Rake - complexly.

wrote 30/03/2014 07:51

Thanks for your answer anyway!
Best of Luck for figuring out how to implement rake :D