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wrote 13/02/2014 15:36


When the tournaments go on break (55th minute of every hour) and a new tournament is opened, it should goes on break too. So I need a hotkey that makes me sit out on every table, included the recently opened tables. (Like in TableNinja)

It would be a very useful hotkey function.

Thank you!

wrote 14/02/2014 02:38

Sorry. Will not.

wrote 17/04/2014 11:34

Are you planning to build it? It is important for those who use skins which is not compatible with TableNinja.

wrote 25/08/2014 00:07
changed 25/08/2014 00:07

HGabor test this out:

Create Hotkey->Left Click on selected point->Click on any table with right mouse button where you woud to be sittout.

Next select "Send to all tables" and choose a key.

I am MTabling 24 and when it is break time just press "Shift+S" over any table and all of them goes sitout.

Problem is If you need to write upper case S on the chat. One way to bypass that is to select "To table under mouse" and when you need to right on one table you need to put focus on it and then move the mouse away form any table. Another way is to use CAPS key or just use any other key ;)

Hope this helps.