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wrote 28/11/2019 05:54

Important information. StarsHelper will not support the new Aurora graphics.

StarsHelper was first released in 2013. Its main difference from other poker software is its low cost and once payment for a license, instead of subscription.

Constant changes in the PokerStars client lead to the fact that StarsHelper constantly needs to be upgraded. Aurora graphics are not only new pictures. This is a completely different graphics engine that has nothing to do with old graphics. StarsHelper is designed to read information not in graphical form, as a human does (OCR), but interacts directly with the rendering engine. Technically, you can develop a new module that will interact with Aurora graphics and adapt all StarsHelper functions to work with this module. The problem is that the initially selected StarsHelper sales model has made it impossible to invest heavily in research, programming, testing, etc.

For the above reasons, after a detailed study of the new Aurora graphics, we decided not to support it.

Mini FAQ:
Does this mean that the project is closing?
-No, while the old graphics are working, the program will work. It can last undefined period of time. Maybe a month, maybe six months, maybe a year or two. Nobody knows. Also, there is a possibility that PokerStars will not remove the old graphics from the client. For example, in order to support all old themes and old software, or if Aurora will not work well on old PCs.

-Can the decision changes?
- Theoretically, this is always possible. But you should not count on it.

wrote 22/10/2020 14:39
changed 22/10/2020 14:50

Actual method to run PokerStars with Aurora graphics disabled:
1. Quit PokerStars if running.
2. Delete all the files inside the folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%\PokerStars\ImgCache\
3. Run PokerStars.
You need to do it every time you want to play using old graphics engine.
P. S. - Your settings and notes will be fine.