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wrote 08/04/2016 03:51


maybe you can help me with the game stack.

I play stack and I wonder if you could do in an update that me of a notice through some sound when a table is sit out , so we can put manually back into the game with the option that is in all tables back to the game is the icon of a green triangle , alongside the positioning icon of the tables.

thank you for your help
and excuse my English I am using google

wrote 08/04/2016 15:22


What do you mean by "the game stack"?

Play sound warning when sit out added to plan.

wrote 08/04/2016 18:44

game at a table over another in the same stack and sometimes it happens that a table inside the stack, this sit out and had no idea and I lose many blind (I play spin & go) if you let me know that a table is sit out, I could put it, I'm back from any table with green triangle button at multitable without any notice me it is difficult to be aware if I sit out in a table and when I realize I already had a good time losing blind.