Yes, StarsHelper is listed under accepted tools and services on the PokerStars website.
It looks like all chat dealer messages are disabled. To enable it: Settings - Table Appearance - Chat - Dealer Messages - Everything.
You need to run PokerStars as Administrator. To set it: right mouse click on the PokerStars icon - Properties - Compatibility tab - enable check box "Run this program as an Administrator".
Yes. Below are some simple controls to customise the HUD appearance:
Change position: hold CTRL + left mouse button, drag and drop.
Change size: Hold SHIFT + left mouse button, resize to suit.
You don't need to purchase additional license for using StarsHelper with other PokerStars regions on the same PC simultaneously. Your licensed user ID should play at least at one poker table in the same moment you wanna play on other PokerStars region.
If you want to play not at the same time - you need to purchase additional license key.
  • close StarsHelper
  • open StarsHelperUpdater file from the same folder
  • in 2the list choose stable recommended version for general use or the newest beta for tests only
  • click on 5Update to selected
StarsHelper Updater

All your settings will be fine in this case.

If you update your PokerStars client before it is checked and added to the supported version list, then StarsHelper will not work. It usually takes 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on a time of the day. If you like, you can skip the update and continue to play on the PokerStars client using StarsHelper. Just click on the cancel button when PokerStars asks you to update. Then go to the PokerStars folder (Usually, it’s located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars"). Run PokerStars by clicking on PokerStars.exe.

Please check the list of supported versions by clicking: Help - Client versions.
You can check the current version of your PokerStars client by clicking: Help - About PokerStars
Adding support for the newest versions usually takes 30 minutes to 24 hours.

If you don't want to wait for support to update our software, then below we have a guide to assist you in rolling back to a previous version of PokerStars.
Go to the PokerStars folder (Usually it is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars")
Go to the "Backup" folder inside the PokerStars folder
Select all the files by pressing CTRL + A
Copy all the files you've selected by pressing CTRL + C
Go back to the PokerStars folder
Paste all the files by pressing CTRL + V
Run PokerStars.exe

  • Enable Debug mode in the menu Settings - Debug mode - Enable;
  • Play poker till a bug appears;
  • Compress the 'Debug' folder which is in the software folder, send the archive to and provide us with a number of a hand which has a bug and the detailed description of your issue.
After a disconnect, the PokerStars client does not show any of the dealer messages that StarsHelper need to work. StarsHelper will work properly after a new hand starts.
Every time after launch, StarsHelper gets necessary data from our servers. We have two independent server for stability. If StarsHelper give you the error "Error loading data from StarsHelper servers" and you can open our web-site,, in most cases means, that your antivirus or firewall software interfere with StarsHelper. Please, add StarsHelper to exceptions in your antivirus or firewall software.
Software settings are stored in the "Settings" folder, which is in the software folder. If you need to re-install your Windows or move StarsHelper to another PC - just save this Settings folder in an external storage (e.g. flash drive), and copy it back after reinstalling. This folder also include files-backups of its settings, that StarsHelper create every time before exiting. The name of the file contains the date and time of creation. To restore the settings, close StarsHelper and rename the file to the "main_v2.shs".
If you want to pin StarsHelper to Windows Quick Launch bar, please create a shortcut to the file. Its name shouldn’t include word “Help”. After renaming, double click to run then right click on the shortcut and pin it to Quick Launch.
There is no way to do it. "After activation, your PokerStars user ID on your license key can't be changed to another one, even if your PokerStars account is banned." -
Your order has been canceled by FastSpring because of security reasons. You've paid nothing. The charge associated with that attempt is a pre-authorization charge. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of the available balance on a credit/debit card and you are not responsible for paying for it. The charge will drop off your card within 5-10 business days. The exact timeframe varies with each card issuer and each card issuer has control over when those charges will be dropped or voided.
It is impossible to create similar software native for Mac. In order to use StarsHelper on a Mac you need to use any virtual machine software to run Windows on your Mac.
No, you can't. StarsHelper will not work in this case.
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