Run StarsHelperUpdater

StarsHelper Updater

You can see 2 a list of available versions in it.

You can choose stable recommended version for general using or the newest beta for tests only.

After selecting a desired version of StarsHelper, click 5 Update to selected, and then click 6 Launch button to launch StarsHelper.

Enabling the 3 Auto launch checkbox will launch StarsHelper automatically after 3 seconds if you have installed the last recommended version.

You can look at the change log by pressing button 4.

Select English language in the main lobby: Settings - Global - Language - Play in - English

Select all chat messages from dealer at the tables: Settings - Table Appearance - Chat - Dealer Messages - Everything

Also, you need to duplicate your preferred seat settings from PokerStars in StarsHelper. If you have different preferred seat settings in PokerStars and StarsHelper the positional HUD will not work properly.