With that feature you could create preset bets for different game situation using these filters:

Automatic bet size settings window in StarsHelper.
Since, according to the new PokerStars rules, 3-bets, 4-bets, etc can't be done completely automatically, you can use for this purpose filter depending on the pot size, Hotkeys or HUD Buttons.

Operators for formulas:

# ^ * / + - randomizer, mathematical exponentiation, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. Listed in order of priority.
# random number in the range from#to. For example, if you want to make c-bet by random from 50% to 80% of pot, your formula should be: (50#80)%*cpot
( ) brackets to change the priority of execution of mathematical operations;

Variables for formulas:

bb (big blind) - big blind size;
ante - ante size;
antes - the sum of all antes;
r (raise) - the size of the last opponent raise;
cpot (client pot) - the pot value, which calculated the same way as the PokerStars client does. Formula: (the pot on the poker table + call size) * % + last raise size. 65%*cpot equals the value from settings PokerStars Lobby - Options - Bet slider options - Bet slider shortcut buttons - Post-flop - % of Pot: 65. This pot includes rake from previous streets. This pot doesn't include rake from current street.
dpot (displayed pot) - the pot value on the poker table. This pot includes rake from previous streets. This pot doesn't include rake from current street.
rpot (raked pot) - the pot value with custom rake settings. This pot includes rake from previous and current streets if you have entered rake values in the rake settings window.
stack - your current stack value. estack - current effective stack value relative to your stack.
Priority of work for extra lines is from top to bottom in the list. This means if you have two filters with the same options, StarsHelper will select the highest in the list. Game situation that doesn't match to an extra line option will be processed by the main lower line and its 17formula.
Rake settings window in StarsHelper.

Effective stack for 2 players = the smallest stack

Effective stack for 3+ players = the largest stack among your opponents stacks, but not greater than your stack